Plan Hotel De Coninck

Why do we close a wing?

The skylights and roof dome that provide natural light in the exhibitions need to be repaired. This will solve condensation and insulation problems. The operation will last 5 weeks and will be handled floor by floor. During these works, we will also build up two new exhibitions: our new collection presentation ‘Object Stories’ and the temporary exhibition ‘Maarten Baas’.

A new collection presentation

From 18 May onwards, ‘Object Stories’ will give a fresh, new perspective on Belgium’s biggest design collection. The museum will be showcasing a varied selection of just under 200 objects, from 1880 to the present day. In making this selection for ‘Object Stories’, the museum did not work with an umbrella theme, nor did it strive to show highlights of the history of design. Instead, the objects themselves will attract the attention, as individual narrators of stories and meaning.

Visitors will start by defining their exhibition experience, by selecting one of the layers of meaning. Each of the five routes will focus on ten collection items, which have a specific aspect in common. Without the commissioners in ‘Commissions & Commissioners’, some of these objects would have never been created. There is something curious about each of the objects on the ‘Curiosity’ route, which makes them a conversation starter. The ‘Making Matters’ route focuses on the material or technique used, whereas ‘Responsible Objects’ zooms in on objects that reflect designers’ social responsibility. A fifth layer of meaning forces us to look at objects through the eyes of a child.

The exhibition was designed by the Ghent-based design firms of Doorzon interior architects and FELT architecture and design.

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