The collection of Design museum Gent contains approximately 22,000 objects and has its origins in a ‘model museum’ founded by an association of industrials and artists in 1903. The oldest part of the collection, which consists mainly of eighteenth-century French style furniture, was largely formed between 1903 and 1930. The majority of the collection was established from the mid-1970s, including major Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Italian postmodernism sub-collections. It combines work of Belgian designers including Emiel Veranneman, Piet Stockmans and Maarten Van Severen with international names such as Philippe Starck, Ron Arad and Alessi.

Collectie 1

The collection of Design museum Gent is accessible via (in Dutch).

We limit the digitisation to a selection of objects for which the basic registration is already in order. We are working on an overview of all sub-collections, which will be part of our new website in 2018.

For specific questions regarding the collection, please contact our collection manager

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Collection care

Caring for the collection is one of the most important tasks of a museum. Museum objects suffer from old (usage) damage, microclimate variations, dust and - yes - visitors. As soon as an object is acquired by the museum, its stops being a utensil and becomes a museum piece that needs to be cared for and respected as such.

The Collection department has a wood restorer who is responsible for taking care of the whole collection. We regularly call on experts from the KIK-IRPA and specialised external restorers for textiles, leather, metal and so on.

Huib Hoste

Huib Hoste's foldable partition wall in steel with leaded glass panels has been damaged by overpainting, corrosion and wear of the chromium layer. Some hinges were once replaced by disfiguring new ones.

0812 Voor Restauratie

Damage from use, improper gluing and microclimate variations is clearly visible on this leather back of a chair designed by Paul Hankar (inv. 820).

86 38 1 6 F1

To make a condition report, all damage is marked in a picture. This picture concerns a tray of Gustave Serrurier-Bovy (inv. 86/38 1/6).

The collection on the road

Design museum Gent has a rich and diverse collection of designs, which it gladly makes available to (cultural heritage) institutions at home and abroad. The museum views short and long-term loans as an appropriate way to valorise its collection and to stimulate research into design. If you have questions in this regard please visit the loans page.

Interested in where we have loans at the moment? Listed below are the exhibitions where our collection are on display.